Susan Rachel Rosenblatt-Schumacher

Who could not be inspired by the beautiful setting in which we find ourselves on Cape Cod? My work generally tells a story against the backdrop of whimsical seaside towns modeled after Wellfleet and Provincetown, sometimes incorporating actual architecture from these Cape Cod Towns. I often like to run images off the edges of the frame because life itself does not fit so perfectly and neatly within a frame. I hope one can find different stories, layers, and hidden clues, in the same piece each time one looks at it.

In the 1980’s Susan studied for two summers at the Art Students League in Nyc. She rekindled her passion for painting after meeting Judith and John Lochtefeld on Nantucket, MA, who continue to mentor and support her. Susan strives to let her mind and fantasy spill onto the “canvas” almost in a dream state, and she likes to work in different media depending on what moves her or what is available at that moment of inspiration.

Susan Resides in Wellfleet, Ma as well as Rockingham, VT, with her loving husband Chas Schumacher.